Why is sza in a wheelchair?

Why is sza in a wheelchair?

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Many fans were wondering why SZA was rocking crutches when she won … their awards as well as Lil Nas X pushing her around in a wheelchair outside the venue.

Provided by Chris Stapleton and SZA. The first single from the movie’s soundtrack, “The Other Side”, by Timberlake and SZA, was released on February 26,… –


The series of snaps show her and Doja posing with their awards as well as Lil Nas X pushing her around in a wheelchair outside the venue.

SZA has revealed why she needed crutches and a wheelchair while performing at The Grammys, and it’s very relatable.

Speaking to Variety, SZA explained that she got her injury falling out of bed. “Whenever something big happens to me, something crazy happens too,” she said.

American singer. Lil Nas X. American rapper and singer. SZA proves even Grammy-award-winning celebrities have their own clumsy moments as the singer reveals why she was on crutches at 2022.

Following the ceremony, pop star and rapper Lil Nas X posted a video showing him pushing SZA in a wheelchair. “I am now sza’s personal caretaker,” the 22-year-old artist captioned the video.

Lil Nas X even shared a sweet behind-the-scenes video on Twitter of himself pushing SZA around in a wheelchair, writing, “I am now sza’s personal caretaker.”

SZA ‘s trip to the 2022 Grammys got off to a rough start. The singer-songwriter injured herself the day before the event, necessitating the use of crutches at the award show.

Lil Nas X — who performed his hit “Industry Baby” with Jack Harlow at the ceremony — later posted a video of him pushing SZA in a wheelchair on Twitter.

When SZA arrived at the event, she was seen posing on the red carpet at ease. However, viewers spotted her using crutches when she took to the stage.

SZA has finished her long-awaited second studio album. The Grammy winner – had to use a wheelchair and crutches to get around Las Vegas’ Grand Garden Arena for the ceremony on Sunday night.

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