What can i do with a political science degree?

What can i do with a political science degree?

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According to, Most jobs with a political science bachelor degree involve working within government agencies, but private businesses and non-profits will also hire graduates. The best jobs for a political science degree are: Educator -Political science degree holders could choose to go into the education field.

According to, A bachelor’s degree in political science may prepare you for a variety of entry-level occupations, such as a paralegal, policy analyst, research assistant and market analyst. Graduate degrees in political science may prepare you for advanced careers in education and local, state and federal government.

According to, Studying political science can lead to a variety of career paths and industries, including: Government and public service Law Business and private corporations Education Media and communication These are 17 of the best jobs you can pursue with a political science major.

According to, If you are passionate about politics, government, and research, a degree in Political Science is an excellent tool for building a rewarding career. With the sought-after skillset gained by graduating from this degree program, you will open the door to careers across a variety of professional industries.

According to, A student who completes a political science degree can work in government organisations as a political campaigner, a lobbyist, an intellectual lawyer or a public policy researcher. There are various degrees like Associate’s, Bachelors and Masters. Each one gives you exposure to an abundant number of opportunities around the world!

According to, Careers with a Political Science Degree Unlike engineering, education, accounting, management, nursing, or other undergraduate professional degrees, there is no clear career path for you to take once you’ve earned a political science degree. Traditionally, the single biggest post-graduation destination is law school.

According to, Some of the most popular masters in political science careers are political scientists (for government, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations), a survey researcher, a political science instructor, a news analyst, a public relations specialist, and a fundraiser. What masters of political science jobs have the highest salaries?

According to, But there are many benefits to getting a political science degree, such as: An opportunity to build valuable skills in areas like research and communication. Access to diverse job opportunities, ranging from careers in teaching, government and public policy, private businesses, management, analyst, and consulting, just to name a few.

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