How do i know if my toe is broken or just bruised?

How do i know if my toe is broken or just bruised?

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According to, A broken toe is usually painful, swollen, red or bruised, and difficult to walk on. If the break is severe, the toe may stick out at an angle, or the bone may poke through the skin. In reality, it’s quite difficult to know if a toe is broken, bruised or sprained without an X-ray.

According to, “The most obvious sign that it’s a fracture is if the painful toe is pointing in a different direction than your other toes. Sometimes, it’s obvious that one toe is pushed out to the side, but it can also be a subtle twisting that turns the toe up a little bit.” Other symptoms that indicate it’s a broken toe include: Swelling. Bruising.

According to, Bleeding under the toenail An open cut on the foot or a bone that is poking through the skin Swelling that is serious enough to make your shoes fit improperly Pain around a joint that you suspect may be fractured Bruises, swelling or pain that lasts more than a few days Tenderness around the bone, not in the softer tissue area

According to, Luckily, there are several ways that you can find out whether or not your toe is broken. Part 1 Examining the Toe 1 Assess your pain level. If your toe is fractured, it’s going to hurt when you put your weight on it, or when pressed on. You will probably still be able to walk, but moving around might make the pain worse.

According to, Look for Dark Bruising and Discoloration When you stub your toe, it’s normal to expect some bruising and even some blood under the toenail. But, if the discoloration lasts for a few days, if it spreads, or if it seems like there is too much blood under the nail, you might have a broken toe. Pay attention to the color too!

According to, X-rays: Seeing a doctor and getting x-rays will tell you if you fractured the toe or not. If you have swelling, bruising and pain of the little toe and movement is reduced or the toe appears out of alignment, it may indicate it is broken. X-rays will make the diagnosis. 5.5k views Reviewed >2 years ago Thank Dr. Heidi Fowler and 3 doctors agree

According to, If you have a broken toe: A broken toe is a fractured bone. This type of injury results in either a very limited range of motion or even the inability to move the toe at all. In addition, the toe will swell and bruise. It’ll hurt to walk and the pain and swelling will persist for days without any signs of improvement.

According to, Broken toe vs bruised toe. … How do you know you broke your bone in the bone of your small toe.It seems you ignored an injury to your 5th toe which might have been fractured and w … 24/7 visits – just $39! 50% off with $15/month membership. Get the Free App for Members.

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