Which of the following is the best explanation for the fact that both photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur in plant cells?

Which of the following is the best explanation for the fact that both photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur in plant cells?

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and marine plants. The oxygen released as a by-product of photosynthesis is needed by nearly all living things to carry out cellular respiration. In addition…

34% of photosynthesis by terrestrial plants occurs in tropical rainforests (so the Amazon rainforest would account for approximately half of this). Due…


According to, 24 terms. Will_Sanders5. Chapter 8- 1 Review Questions. 18 terms. Karley_Johnson5. Chapter 8- 1 Review Questions. 18 terms. theharvey5. Other sets by this creator.

According to, B. Photosynthesis reverses the biochemical pathways of respiration. C. Photosynthesis stores energy in organic molecules, while respiration releases it. D. Respiration occurs only in animals and photosynthesis occurs only in plants. C. The pH in the stroma of the chloroplast should be ________ compared to the thylakoids due to the _______.

According to, Which of the following is the best explanation for presence of both chloroplasts and mitochondria in plant cells? A. In the light, plants are photosynthetic autotrophs. In the dark, they are heterotrophs B. If plants cannot produce enough ATP in the process of photosynthesis to meet their energy needs, they can produce it in aerobic respiration

According to, The process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy. Photosynthesis. Organisms that use energy from sunlight or inorganic substances to make organic compounds. Autotrophs. Organisms that get energy by consuming food. Heterotrophs. The process by which cells harvest energy from food. Cellular Respiration.

According to, Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration? A) Photosynthesis is catabolic; respiration is anabolic. B) Photosynthesis stores energy in complex organic molecules; respiration releases energy from complex organic molecules C) Respiration runs the biochemical pathways of photosynthesis …

According to, sarahpratt03. Semester 1 Midterm AP Biology. 50 terms. Alayssa_Camano. AP Biology Exam. 268 terms. kag51. Other sets by this creator. Study Guide 21 (Exam 3)

According to, Both cellular respiration and photosynthesis rely on electron transport chains embedded in membranes to produce ATP molecules. Which of the following correctly describes the difference between the two types of electron transport chains? A. In cellular respiration, the electron source is water and the final electron destination is oxygen. B.

According to, Aerobic respiration is also occurring in the plant cells, which utilize some of the oxygen produced by photosynthesis. … Which of the following is the BEST explanation for the energetics of ATP hydrolysis? … Dough rising is the result of CO2 being released in both cellular respiration and fermentation from the yeast. These processes occur …

According to, Memorize flashcards and build a practice test to quiz yourself before your exam. Start studying the Biology Chapter 10 flashcards containing study terms like B) in prokaryotes, D) in infolded regions of the plasma membrane, C) Photosynthesis occurs only in the light, and cellular respiration occurs in both the dark and the light. and more.

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