Who is the father of amber heard baby?

Who is the father of amber heard baby?

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Who’s the father of Amber Heard’s baby?

According to, Amber Heard welcomed her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard into the world in April 2021 via surrogate – here’s everything you need to know

allege. … ‘This frivolous action is just the latest of Johnny Depp’s repeated efforts to silence Amber Heard,’ said Heard’s attorney. "Johnny Depp Seeks…

her education. The grown daughter in the video is played by actress Amber Heard. The song debuted at number 46 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles &…


According to, Heard has never disclosed the identity of the child’s father or sperm donor. However, at the time her daughter was born, she was said to be in a relationship with cinematographer Bianca Butti. The…

According to, Amber Heard last week shocked the world with a surprise baby announcement, one confirming the Aquaman actress has welcomed her first child. Posting for her 4 million Instagram followers, Amber introduced baby Oonagh Paige to the world, writing that her birthdate is April 8, 2021. The Texan-born star and ex to Pirates of the Caribbean actor …

According to, During the upcoming trial, Johnny Depp will reportedly question whether tech billionaire Elon Musk is the father of Amber’s child. Elon will be attending the trial as a character witness for Amber. Johnny has also accused Amber of having affairs with Musk and actor James Franco during their marriage.

According to, The daughter was likewise born on April 8, according to what was heard. She did not, however, mention the father of her child or whether or not her child was delivered through a surrogate. READ ALSO👉 Wes Atamian Net Worth During the next trial, Johnny Depp is expected to challenge Elon Musk, the tech millionaire, is the father of Amber’s kid.

According to, Who is Amber Heard’s baby’s father? Amber was believed to be dating Tesla founder Elon Musk and Johnny Depp also claimed that she had relations with the actor James Franco.

According to, Johnny Depp is reportedly planning to question if Elon Musk is the father of Amber Heard’s daughter. As court proceedings for Depp’s defamation case against Heard enter a second week, the Tesla…

According to, The identity of Amber Heard’s baby father is still something that is yet to be uncovered. People’s curiosity is coming after Amber said she welcomed a baby girl Oonagh Paige via surrogate in July 2021. Many believe her baby father is Elon Musk whereas others think it is James Franco whom she dated around 2016.

According to, Amber Heard’s baby’s father is not on the display as she has given birth to her baby via surrogacy. She will be raising her baby as a single parent and will be solely responsible for the baby’s growth. Amber Heard Baby Name and Birthday Revealed Amber Heard’s baby name is revealed to be Oonagh Paige Heard and her birthday falls on April 8.

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