Why is australia called the land down under?

Why is australia called the land down under?

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A deacon’s tale from Australia to the Holy Land

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our competitors. That is why I decided to call it ‘Land Cruiser’", he recalls. The name had already been used on the Studebaker Land Cruiser which was produced…

publication in 1830 of The Australia Directory by the Hydrographic Office. Colloquial names for Australia include "Oz" and "the Land Down Under" (usually shortened…


According to, Australia is known as ‘the land Down Under’ for its position in the southern hemisphere. The discovery of Australia began when European explorers searched for a land under the continent of Asia. Before Australia was discovered, it was known as Terra Australis Incognita the unknown southern land.

According to, It’s quite simple actually. If you’ve ever seen a globe of the world, you’d notice that Australia is below the equator, positioning it ‘below’ many other countries on the globe. And yes, its permanent population is entirely below the equator. The term is not just used to refer to Australia. It’s also sometimes used to refer to New Zealand, or both.

According to, In fact, Down Under is a popular reference to Australia, especially in cricket. It is most likely a nickname given to the country due to the position of this country in the southern hemisphere. The indigenous people of Australia, the Aboriginal Australians, have lived in this country/continent for over 40,000 years.

According to, Answer 3 timnahasinik623 Answer: Australia is a continent, a country and an island! It is nicknamed the “Land Down Under” because it is below the equator. Australia is made up of six states and two territories but the only country in Australia is Australia! Australia is the smallest continent. The only country in Australia is Australia.

According to, People often call Australia the “land down under” because it lies south of the equator. Climate. Australia’s climate is generally arid to semiarid, temperate in the south and east and tropical in the north. Much of the interior of the country, called the outback, is dry and desertlike. Most Australians live along the coasts in a few large cities.

According to, Originally Answered: Why is Australia called the land down under? It is referred to the land down under from its position in the southern hemisphere and from how on a map Antarctica is at the bottom of the map and north looks to be up and south as down. HOWEVER! Australians rarely use that term just incase you were wondering.

According to, Australia, the Great Land Down Under. Australia is often called the Largest island in the world. It is surrounded by water and has around 10 000 beaches. Australia is large enough to be its own continent, which it is! Australia sits in the southern hemisphere and has an area of over 7 million square kilometres and ranks as the sixth largest …

According to, The term has been in use since the late 19th century and the persistence of the media use of the term has led to its wide acceptance and usage, especially in reference to Australia. The Men at Work song “Down Under” became a patriotic rallying song for Australians.

According to, The “Land Down Under” is Australia, where the group is from. The lyrics were written by lead singer Colin Hay, who explained in his Songfacts interview: “The chorus is really about the selling of Australia in many ways, the overdevelopment of the country. It was a song about the loss of spirit in that country.

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