Would you rather questions for work

Would you rather questions for work

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100 Hardest ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Clever Kids

According to, These ‘Would You Rather’ questions give kids a set of free … Would you rather get 100 dollars or 100 lottery tickets? 31. Would you rather work your dream job for a little bit of money or do something you hate for a lot of money? 32.

Would I Lie to You? (informally abbreviated as WILTY) is a British comedy game show aired on BBC One, made by Zeppotron for the BBC. It was first broadcast…

rehash on Iran. How would you like it if I judged your career by those seven minutes when you walked off the set in New York?” Rather ignored Bush’s comment…


According to, To help get to know your coworkers, try a few of these would you rather questions. Whether you choose a goofy or serious question is up to you! About Work Would you rather work 80 hours one week and have the next week off or work 40 hours for the week (spread across seven days including weekends) for two weeks?

According to, Would-you-rather questions are hilarious, but they aren’t the only questions you can ask to get to know your team better. Check out our list of the 300 best team building icebreaker questions for work which includes questions covering travel, music and movies, food, history, hobbies, holidays, and more. What are your favorite would-you-rather …

According to, Would you rather questions are prompts that pose a simple decision between two options. Generally, these options are two extremes, for example, “would you rather go to outer space or the bottom of the ocean?” The purpose of these questions is to reveal preferences of the people answering, and help spark followup conversations.

According to, “Would You Rather” questions are great icebreakers to help spark a conversation, stretch comfort zones, break down barriers, and make lasting memories in the process. They can even serve as a productive way to kick off a virtual team building game or group exercise.

According to, Hard would you rather questions #1. Would you rather time travel back to the past or to the future? #2. Would you rather be able to read minds or be invisible? #3. Would you rather have your browser history revealed before your company CEO or one of your parents? #4.

According to, 100+ Would You Rather Questions By Chris Bibey Updated: December 7, 2021 Would you rather questions are a great way to spark a conversation. They tell you a lot about how people think and what’s important to them. And, of course, they can be super fun. Add them to any quiz or survey or make a poll in seconds.

According to, ‘Would You Rather’ questions help in improving team dynamics at work. The rationales for choosing a situation spark interesting conversations and debates amongst coworkers and increase employees’ engagement. You can also play it as a virtual team-building game or a group exercise where members take turns in asking questions.

According to, Would you rather questions are a great way to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. And it’s easy to get into some amazing conversations by just asking “why” after a would you rather question. … 48. Would you rather work hard for a boss that has high expectations but values you as a person and employee or work much …

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