How do you say hello in spanish?

How do you say hello in spanish?

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According to, How to Say “Hello” in Spanish Quick Answer hello = hola Hola is the most common way to say hello in Spanish, but not the only one. Let’s check out some other ways to greet someone! Answering the Phone When answering the phone in Spanish, you can say hola, or use one of the following: “¿Cómo Estás?” and Other Greetings ¿Cómo estás?

According to, (kay ah-says) means “What are you doing?” or “What are you up to?” 3 Use “¿Cómo estás?” (KOH-moh ess-TAHS) as a greeting. Just as in English, Spanish speakers often skip the “hello” and move straight to “How are you?” as a greeting. You’ll change the form of the verb estar depending on who you’re greeting. Say “¿Cómo estás?”

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According to, In an informal setting, you can expect to be greeted by your friends with a hola, güey, hola weón, or hola tío, depending on the culture. You can learn more informal, colloquial and Spanish slang words in this article. In a formal setting, you may see the formal usted construction being used. Hola, ¿cómo estás? becomes hola, ¿cómo está?.

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According to, In Spanish, however, it can be used as both. This means that, as soon as the sun sets, you can greet someone by saying “ ¡Buenas noches! ” but you can also wish them a good night in the same way. 5- Ey This greeting is also another word for “ hello ,” and as you might have guessed, it’s basically equivalent to “ hi ” or “ hey ” in Spanish.

According to, How to Say “Hello” in Spanish hello ( heh – lo ) interjection 1. (salutation) a. hola Hello! How is everything?¡Hola! ¿Cómo te va todo? 2. (used to answer the telephone) a. sí Hello. Who is calling? Sí. ¿Quién es? b. hola Hello. – Hi, it’s Ricardo. Hola. – Hola, soy Ricardo. c. diga (Spain) Hello. – Hi. Is Maria there? Diga. – Hola.

According to, Translate How do you say “hello” in Spanish. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

According to, ¡Oye! How Do You Greet Someone In Spanish Slang? There is a Spanish expression for “hola”, which means “hi” or “hello”. With BWEN-os DEE-ahs as our name, we serve our delicious beers. These are either red herring tears, or noches (Belores and ts/nochess)… “Buenas! (*MOO-EE, “BWEN-as…”) — Muy buenas!”

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