How long do you bleed after c section?

How long do you bleed after c section?

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Internal Bleeding After a C-section: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

According to, Some bleeding and discharge after a C-section (known as lochia … painful long after your C-section, you should contact your doctor. How long does it take for a cesarean to heal internally?

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According to, The bleeding duration after c section varies from woman to woman, and in fact, while it may take only 2 or 3 weeks for some women, others may experience vaginal spotting for as long as 6 weeks. One important sign you must check is the volume of blood loss. Remember, days after your surgery, you will experience much more bleeding.

According to, Bleeding after a C-section is to be expected and will reduce with time. You will notice heavier bleeding immediately after your C-section, and it will decrease over time. Bleeding should stop…

According to, How long do you bleed for after a c-section? You will have some vaginal bleeding (called lochia) for 2–6 weeks after the birth. Bleeding sometimes lasts longer than this, but it should have stopped by 12 weeks. This bleeding happens after vaginal and c-section births. It mainly comes from where the placenta was attached to the womb.

According to, Most women will bleed for a few weeks after their C-section. And you might bleed a little while in the hospital directly after the procedure. Having a C-section doesn’t necessarily affect the postpartum bleeding (or lochia). You won’t bleed more or less or for longer or shorter just because you had a Cesarean delivery.

According to, It is important to mention that bleeding after a C-section can differ from person to person – it may last from a few days to few weeks. In most cases, the bleeding stops within 3-4 weeks, but the discharge may continue for more than 6 weeks. This is normal, but you should see your doctor if you have a fever or notice foul smell from the discharge.

According to, Most of these conditions are harmless, but the bottom line is that any bleeding after 6 weeks should be discussed with a health care provider. How can you control the bleeding after a C-section? In…

According to, How Long Do You Bleed For After A C-Section? The bleeding that happens after c-section births can take around 6 six weeks to completely disappear. After 4 to 6 weeks, the bleeding you notice is due to menstruation. If you are breastfeeding, then it can even take longer for your menstrual periods to return. What Can You Do About It?

According to, C section and normal delivery are accompanied by a postpartum symptom characterized by an abundant flow of mucus and blood. It begins immediately after delivery and lasts from ten to twelve days. In some cases, spotting or light bleeding may persist for about four to six weeks. Read More: Is C- Section Delivery Safe for Me and the Baby?

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