How to say i love you in french?

How to say i love you in french?

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According to, How to say I love you in French French Translation je t’aime More French words for I love you je t’adore I love you je vous adore I love you je vous aime I love you Find more words! I love you See Also in English I love you very much je t’aime beaucoup love noun, verb amour, aimer, adorer, charité, passionner you pronoun toi, vous, tu, on, te

According to, Go for Je t’aime beaucoup We just barely told you that je t’aime is “I love you,” but there is a caveat. The French verb aimer can be both “like” or “love” depending on the context and the words that follow the phrase. Saying je t’aime but then adding an adverb like beaucoup or bien waters down the meaning to something akin to like.

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According to, Je t’aime beaucoup. Play. I am fond of you. When speaking to your friends, you can use this to tell them how much you like them. T’es l’amour de ma vie. Play. You are the love of my life. This is used to express your profound passion and love for your special someone. Mon coeur bat la chamade pour toi.

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According to, 1- Je t’aime pour toujours = I love you for ever / Je t’aime plus chaque jour = I love you more each day 2- Je t’adore = I adore you 3- Je suis folle de toi = I am crazy about you, if a woman is speaking / Je suis fou de toi = I am crazy about you, if a man is speaking 4- Tu me rends gaga = you make me stupid

According to, A true declaration of love means “I am in love with you”. If the speaker is a man the correct word is amoureux, if the speaker is a woman, amoureuse is the correct form. Je suis fou/folle de toi Another alternative is for saying I love you in French is Je suis fou / folle de toi i which means “I am crazy about you”.

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According to, Je t’aime bien – “I like you” (Be sure to put “bien” at the end of the sentence, because je t’aime translates as “I love you” in French, which might not be quite what you wanted to say!) Tu me plais – “I like you” (literally, “You please me”) How to say “Amazing” in French

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