How to say i love you in italian?

How to say i love you in italian?

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"You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me" (originally a 1965 Italian song, ‘"Io che non vivo (senza te)", by Pino Donaggio and Vito Pallavicini) is a 1966 hit…

R3hab & Conor Maynard on Apple Music". iTunes Store (US). Retrieved 26 September 2018. "Hate How Much I Love You – Single by Conor Maynard". Apple Music…


According to, Sono innamorato / innamorata di te: I’m in love with you. Ho bisogno di te: I need you. Ti voglio: I love you. Ti desidero: I want you. Mi sento attratto / attratta da te: I’m attracted to you. Mi sono infatuato di te: I’m infatuated with you. Ho un debole per te: I’m weak for you.

According to, To say I love you in Italian, we use the verb amare (to love). Let’s explore how to conjugate this verb: So, the most common way of saying “I love you” in Italian is ti amo. “TI” here is a direct object pronoun. If you want to change the object of your love, then you simply need to change the object pronoun. Io ti amo. (I love you.) Io mi amo.

According to, Ti amo is “I love you” in Italian Ask a translation engine to give you the phrase “I love you” in Italian, and it’ll point you towards ti amo. There’s just one tiny problem. This Italian phrase is specifically used to reflect romantic love for a significant other such as a spouse or fiancee.

According to, Ti amo – the Italian way to say I love you to a serious romantic partner Ti voglio bene – say I love you to your family and friends in Italian If you want to take it up a notch to: “I love you very much”, you can add ‘molto’. So Ti amo molto and Ti voglio molto bene. But just make sure to choose the right expression.

According to, I love you in Italian to your boyfriend or girlfriend Ti amo – I love you By saying ‘ti amo’ you can easily express your love in the Italian language. It’s one of the most common Italian love phrases but it’s only used for romantic relationships, meaning you may not want to use it with your friends and family. Sono innamorato (innamorata) di te

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According to, More Italian words for I love you ti adoro I love you vi voglio bene I love you Find more words! I love you See Also in English I love you very much ti amo moltissimo love noun, verb amore, amare, affetto, volere bene, provar piacere in you pronoun tu, voi, vi, ti, te I pronoun io See Also in Italian amo noun I love, hook, fishhook ti pronoun

According to, Interestingly, Italian has more than one way to say “I love you”: “ti amo”(from the verb “amare”, to love) and “ti voglio bene” (from the verb“volere bene”, to love – in the sense of caring for someone). Be careful, though! Those phrases cannot be used interchangeably. The former expresses a very strong and deep feeling.

According to, “ I love you, my love” in Italian – Ti amo amore / Ti amo amore mio “I love you, my love” can be translated to either Ti amo amore or Ti amo amore mio. The term “my love” in Italian is literally Amore mio. You can also say Amore, which means “love,” and is another term of endearment in Italy. How to say “I love you” to family members

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