How to say i love you in korean?

How to say i love you in korean?

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According to, Direct Ways to Say “I Love You” 1 State “saranghae” or “saranghaeyo” or “saranghamnida.” Use this phrase to tell someone “I love you” in Korean. Pronounce the phrase as sah-rahn-gh-aee yoh. In Hangul, “saranghae” is written as, 사랑해 and “saranghaeyo” is written as 사랑해요.”

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According to, Is there a formal form of ‘I love you’ in Korean? The answer is yes, and it is: 사랑합니다 (saranghamnida). Again, the formal form of ‘I love you’ is rarely used between couples, but some couples may use this form just to be super polite.

According to, Here’s how to pronounce “I love you” in Korean: 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo) 사랑해 (saranghae) 사랑합니다 (saranghamnida) Saranghaeyo in Korean Saranghaeyo is the standard form of “I love you” in Korean. It’s the romanization of the Korean word 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo). Saranghae in Korean

According to, Saying “I love you” can be expressed in formal, standard, or informal ways. You need to choose which version you’ll use depending on who you’re saying “I lov…

According to, 많이 사랑해요 (M ani saranghaeyo) – I love you alot The word 많이 (Mani) is added, which means “alot” 당신 없인 못 살아 (Dangsin eopsin mot sara) – I can’t live without you A strong way to express your feelings and is usually heard in k-dramas and movies. The word 당신 (dangsin) is used which means “you”. 같이 있고 싶어요 (Gat-i itgo sipeoyo) – I want to be with you

According to, The most common way to say “I love you” in Korean is 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae). This comes from the Korean verb 사랑하다 (sa-rang-ha-da) which means ‘to love’. When this verb ‘to love’ is conjugated in the present tense, it becomes 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae).

According to, I love you (사랑해요) How to say “I love you” in Korean (사랑해요) We have audio examples from both a male and female professional voice actor. Male Voice 사랑해요. I love you. Practice saying this sentence See also: Free Dictation Practice, Free Listening Comprehension Practice, Free Vocabulary Flashcards Female Voice 사랑해요. I love you.

According to, 사랑해요 (I love you) The most basic romantic phrase in Korean is 사랑해요 [sa-rang-hae-yo]. 사랑 is a native Korean word that has existed for thousands of years. 사랑해요 is a plain phrase but also a genuine way to express your love. 2. 보고 싶어요 (I miss you) If you love somebody, you will miss them when they are away.

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