What does the acronym fitt stand for?

What does the acronym fitt stand for?

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According to, Importance of frequency, intensity, time and type (FITT) in physical activity assessment for epidemiological research Brand management company FITT Highway Products Inc (OTCBB:FHWY.OB) said on Monday that its operating partner F.I.T.T. FITT Highway Products Inc reports launch of new microsite for “F.I.T.T. Energy with Resveratrol” energy shots

According to, FITT – Definition by AcronymFinder What does FITT stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 6 meanings Link/Page Citation Category Filters All definitions (6) Information Technology (3) Military & Government (0) Science & Medicine (1) Organizations, Schools, etc. (2) Business & Finance (2) Slang, Chat & Pop culture (0)

According to, The acronym FITT stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type. It describes the various factors that determine what kind of impact physical activity will have on your body. These four factors do not stand alone but are closely connected and interdependent.

According to, What does FITT abbreviation stand for? List of 39 best FITT meaning forms based on popularity. Most common FITT abbreviation full forms updated in April 2022

According to, FITT. Functional Interdisciplinary Transdisciplinary Therapy. Medical » Hospitals. Rate it: FITT. Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer. Community » Non-Profit Organizations.

According to, Hello there i hope you are having a good day 🙂 Your question: What does the acronym FITT stand for? The answer would be: F = frequency, I = intensity, T = time, T = type. This all together is a formula and muscular strengthening. Hopefully this helps you

According to, What does the acronym FITT stand for? Advertisement Answer 4.9 /5 36 hailey2436 Frequency,intensity ,time,type Advertisement Answer 4.9 /5 19 celesagui428 It stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. I hope this helps 🙂 Advertisement Survey Did this page answer your question? Not at all Slightly Kinda Very much Completely

According to, What does the FITT formula stand for? A. guidelines for how often, how hard, and how long one should exercise B. the minimum amount of exercise required for physical fitness C. the Fundamental Intensity Threshold formula D. an acronym standing for Functional Intensity Training A (guidelines for how often, how hard, and how long one should exercise)

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