Which of the following is an explanation of an aerobic activity?

Which of the following is an explanation of an aerobic activity?

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How much should we exercise? Only one in 20 adults getting it right

According to, Whilst a lot of people do aerobic exercise such as running or cycling, far fewer do the equally important strengthening exercises that include weights. “Under the most stringent definition of strengthening activity, we found around one in 20 adults met …

"Pulmonary function and abdominal and thoracic kinematic changes following aerobic and inspiratory resistive diaphragmatic breathing training in asthmatics"…

neurogenesis in the hippocampus is associated with measurable improvements in spatial memory. Consistent aerobic exercise over a period of several months…


According to, The term aerobic actually means “with oxygen,” which means that breathing controls the amount of oxygen that can make it to the muscles to help them burn fuel and move. Benefits of aerobic exercise Improves cardiovascular conditioning. Decreases risk of heart disease. Lowers blood pressure. Increases HDL or “good” cholesterol.

According to, By definition, aerobic exercise means “with oxygen.” Your breathing and heart rate will increase during aerobic activities. Aerobic exercise helps keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system…

According to, Explanation: Aerobic exercise is a physical activity of low to high energy that depends essentially on the aerobic energy-generating method. Aerobic actually means comparing to, including, or demanding free oxygen, and refers to the use of oxygen to appropriately meet energy needs during exercise via aerobic metabolism.

According to, Running, biking, swimming, and even walking can provide people with a host of health benefits that can last their entire lives. Consistent aerobic exercise not only improves cardiovascular health and performance, but can help build stronger bones, improve your sleep, and even extend your life.

According to, Aerobic exercise is cardiovascular conditioning that strengthens both your heart and lungs. The word “aerobic” means “with oxygen,” as this kind of exercise is fueled by the oxygen that you get…

According to, Aerobic exercise is the use of your large muscles in a light to moderate way such that you can meet your oxygen needs for an extended duration of time. This can be contrasted with anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting that uses massive amounts of oxygen in a short time such that it can’t be sustained for long.

According to, Aerobic exercise is a physical exercise that provides cardiovascular conditioning. The decrease in energy and endurance is a major drawback of any aerobic exercise. An organ that permits blood to circulate and transport nutrients, such as the lungs, is part of the cardiovascular system. Fast-paced workouts, like sprinting and weightlifting, are …

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