Why cant i log into my instagram?

Why cant i log into my instagram?

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Why Can’t I Go Live On Instagram?

According to, Though Instagram Live first debuted in November 2016, the extremely online reality of recent years seems to have breathed a new life into … If you can’t find someone’s request, hit the camera with a plus sign icon at the bottom of your screen.

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According to, Possible Causes There are a few possibly causes for Instagram refusing to let you log in. You do have your name or password wrong – it does happen to the best of us. You’re logging in from a device Instagram doesn’t recognise and it wants more verification. The information isn’t sending properly between your device and Instagram’s server.

According to, To reset your password, first open the Instagram app. From there: Instagram app for Android: On the login screen, tap Get help logging in below Log in. Enter username, email or phone, or tap Log in with Facebook. Tap Next, and follow the on-screen instructions. Instagram app for iPhone: On the login screen, tap Forgot password above Log in.

According to, Reasons You Can’t Sign Into Instagram Your Instagram login may not work for one of several reasons. For instance, you may have entered the wrong username or password. It’s important to know that Instagram passwords are case sensitive. Alternatively, Instagram may have blocked your account.

According to, Follow these steps for this method: 1. Unplug your router and wait for about 10-15 seconds for the router to rest. 2. After 15 seconds, plug back the power cable of your router. 3. Wait for the router to start. 4. Finally, connect your phone to your internet connection and try logging into your Instagram account.

According to, Why can’t I log into my Instagram account? I know the username and the password, and when I try requesting a link for the log in it s says I need to contact Instagram, which I can’t. Plus there’s nothing about it on Instagram’s help center. See parent question. Answer. Request.

According to, Your account has been locked because we need to verify that you’re at least 13 years old. Please provide an ID within 14 days to regain access. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to log into your account without completing these steps.

According to, If there’s an Instagram account associated with your email address and you don’t own that account, please use this form to let us know. … I can’t sign up for an account because my email is already in use. I can’t access my account. My account was hacked. … If you’re having trouble logging into your account, …

According to, Instagram keeps logging in. for the recent update: click on the account you want to log out from > settings > security > saved login information > disable the setting for “saved login information” and then log out. make sure to press “not now” instead of “remember me” so that your account won’t save! (this is for ios) Irina Ostapchuk

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