What does cfs mean on instagram?

What does cfs mean on instagram?

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Korean). SK Communications. Retrieved 2012-03-08. "SECRET and Park Han Byul’s CFs for Nike revealed". 6theory Media. Retrieved 2012-03-08. Yee, Un Ey (2011-04-06)…


According to, What does CFS mean? Urban Dictionary defines CFS as an acronym for Close Friends Story. They use the example: See also What is the meaning of “Soaking” on TikTok? “Add me to your CFS on Instagram” A Close Friend’s Story is a private story in which only the people you add to it can see the posts.

According to, First of all, what does CFS stand for? This is a shortened version of close friend’s story. This is a feature that you are able to enjoy on Instagram. Ultimately, this means that you can have a private story and post it to your Instagram account. Then, it is only going to be available for certain people to see.

According to, CFS in Instagram means close friends. It is a hashtag used by people who want to share a private story with close friends. That can be anything from a photo video to a text. If you want to share your personal story with your close friends, this could be the perfect hashtag to use. You can also see who has liked it.

According to, Another acronym on social media has got users confused as to what it means. This time it is CFS… Do you know what it means?By Brooke Harrison Read the whol…

According to, If you’re not familiar with what it is, it’s an exclusive story that appears on Instagram. It is visible only to specific people who are also the sole ones who have access to what you write. If someone wants to be added to CFS, it signifies that they would like you to include them in your personal friend’s story. How to Create a CFS for Instagram?

According to, The meaning of CF on Instagram is a shortcut of the word close friends. This refers to a private story setting in which you can post a separate Instagram story for a set list of people, which are…

According to, CFS on Instagram stands for “Close Friends Stories”. As Mentioned above stories can only be viewed by close friends. You don’t need to worry about others the private moments you shared on Instagram seeing by other than close friends. Some of the CFS examples on Twitter. she said her instagram cfs was gonna be lit but all she post is sad shit.

According to, Close friends story. Shorthand for clusterfuck.Can be used when not wanting another person to know what you’re really saying or when you want to avoid being vulgar.

According to, Can’t Fix Stupid. CFS. chicken-fried steak. CFS. Country Fried Steak. CFS. Can’t Find Stuff. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions ( show all 145 definitions)

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