When is world music day celebrated?

When is world music day celebrated?

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Afro-jazz Artist, Duro Ikujenyo Performs at World Music Day Fest with Alliance Francaise

According to, Yinka Olatunbosun As part of the World Music Day Festival 2022 organised at the Institut francais du Nigeria, the Afro-jazz artist Duro Ikujenyo and the age of Aquarius band will

From source: known in English as Music Day, Make Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. On Music Day, citizens and residents…

From source: Even if The Liberation Day is an official flag day in Norway, the day is not an official holiday and not widely celebrated. Instead, a new and broader…


According to the source from, World Day of Music or Fête de la Musique, celebrated each June 21, was first started in France but today highlights music’s universal appeal. It’s meant to make music more inclusive and encourage people of varying skill levels to interact a lot more with all types of tunes.

Sharing a hint from, Even the most tone deaf people can take this day to sing their hearts out and celebrate the beauty and power of music! World Music Day originally launched several decades ago in France. In 1982 the Ministry of Culture in France developed a clever idea to celebrate the wonders of music. They wanted free, live music to be available to everybody …

If you read from, Why World Music Day is celebrated on 21st June. On Jack Lang’s request, Maurice Fleuret became the Director of Music and Dance at the Ministry of Culture in October 1981. He applied his thoughts about music practice and its evolution. He called it out as “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere”. He studied the cultural habits of …

It is inferred from, A: World Music Day is celebrated on June 21 every year to honor the musicians and singers for the gift of music, which gives flight to the imagination and life to everything. Also, access free PDFs

A post published in, The Fête de la Musique, also known in English as Music Day, [1] Make Music Day [2] [3] or World Music Day, [4] is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. On Music Day, citizens and residents are urged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks. Free concerts are also organized, where musicians …

It is learnt from a blog, World Music Day 21st June Fête de la Musique World Music Day is celebrated each year every 21 st of June in over 120 countries all around the world. This day is all about honoring musicians, both amateur and professional. The day is also all about enjoying music and the entertainment we get from it.

It is understood from sites like, 27th June the answer is 21st June. Note – This year 21st June is celebrated as world music day worldwide. by Ajinkya Sid Hello, my name is Ajinkya Sidwadkar also known as Ajinkya Sid and I am a full-time writer on this blog. I write articles on technology-related news and information.

Source:, World Music Day: The world celebrated World Music Day on the 21st of June every year. This is the day when the world celebrates music at its best. Music is something that is loved by everyone. People may have different tastes and preferences, but mainly there would hardly anyone who would say no to music.

I had gone through, Starting from 1982, the summer solstice day of June 21 came to be observed as the World Music Day. World Music day 2021 — events and theme The theme of World Music Day 2021 is “Music at the…


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